VMP 095: How To Make Facebook More Effective For Your Veterinary Practice

I hear it all too often that practices say they just aren’t getting value from the work they they are doing on Facebook. In today’s episode, I cover why I think most practices aren’t getting the conversion they want, it is because they are stuck in the facebook “friendzone”. Maybe you create really great content, but if you don’t approach your client or potential relationship with your clients in the right sequence, it will be difficult to turn your practice’s page content into people who actually enter into your practice.

Using facebook, or any digital marketing for that matter, to create new clients is important. It isn’t enough to just create content, the content that you have needs to do drive engagement and create a specific response or result. I think people forget in general that building a relationship with a person online is the same as building a relationship with someone in real life. You need the proper sequence, messaging and context. Just like it would be inappropriate to ask a stranger to marry you, you can’t just go online and shout out that people should come to your practice. Unless someone is desperate, the overly direct approach doesn’t work.

So how do you bridge the gap from stranger to a client? I think you do it with content. Creating a piece of video content, or a blog post is a great first impression and a  way to introduce yourself that is very low commitment. The thing that I love about video content these days too is that there are so many new improvements to the way that you can create custom audiences and retargeting audiences.

So today I cover one way that I thnk is very effective for creating segmented custom audiences that you can show offers to. I also cover how you should reverse engineer the final result that you are looking for so that you can know how to measure your marketing and ultimately be able to determine if it is effective or not.


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