VMP 097: How To Attract Clients With Digital Marketing Without Discounts

Discounting can be quite a trap. If you use discounting in your practice too much, you’ll attract clients who only care about price. Competing only on price is a difficult, especially if the digital marketing that you are doing is centered around discounts because it usually attracts the kind of clients you are not looking for. I am by no means suggesting that you price gouge or go crazy on price, but wanting to attract clients who pay you what you feel you’re worth is totally understandable. So how do you go about attracting clients without using discounts? In today’s episode I cover 5 strategies you can use in your digital marketing that don’t include discounting.

I think it is important to understand why discounting can be harmful to your practice, and so in the first part of the episode I cover why discounting hurts your brand in general. There have been so many examples of companies competing only on price and I outline a few examples so we can see how this race to the bottom doesn’t end well for either of the competing companies. Veterinary practices have more competition than ever, with corporate chains, discount big box stores, amazon, other discount websites and more vets than ever in the industry. There will always be people who are willing to work for cheaper so it is extremely important to find out how to compete on other factors.

So how can you compete without going for the easy discount? People will come to your practice for two reasons: Results or Experience. They want a specific result meaning for example they think that you can fix their sick pet, or maybe they know that you are the most caring highest rated vet and they want to be part of that experience. Knowing those two factors play a role in why people want to come to you you can create offers that include the following features too:

  • Specialty Offers: Being the only practice who performs a procedure or has a specialized piece of equipment.
  • Rewards Programs: Offering Rewards instead of discounts, I go over what the difference is
  • Prestige: Appealing to what people care about and making them feel like they are making a difference by going to your practice.
  • Value Ads/Bonuses: Adding value instead of removing cost
  • Specialized Info: Making you the expert in the eyes of the client so that they want to do business with you

You can get away from discounting you just need to work at it!


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