VMP 098: 8 Things To Stop Doing To Do More Effective Marketing For Your Veterinary Hospital

If you take a look at the past episodes I usually talk about activities that you should try out or things to do, today is a little different! In this episode I cover things that you should stop doing in your veterinary hospital’s marketing that will help you to be a better marketer. I think whenever possible it is better to remove than it is to add, because you don’t have to do more.

So when we’re talking about removing from things that you’re doing in your veterinary hospital’s marketing, the biggest mistake I see is connecting social media accounts. The most common offender is the person who links their Twitter and Facebook accounts. The major problem that I see with this is that each social media platform has its own context and format. Being everywhere isn’t necessarily better when what you’re doing just looks out of place. Your clients and potential clients aren’t dying to follow you just because they take their pet to your practice. You need to provide value and native content makes it far more engaging.

Along the same theme of not connecting accounts, don’t feel like you have to do EVERY social media platform. It would be great if you could create amazing content for all the social media platforms that your clients spend time on, but if you’re like most practices, this isn’t realistic. Find out where you’ll get the most bang for your buck and really master a social network platform so that your practice actually benefits. I know several practices who are just doing one social network and are doing an amazing job at it.

Many practices are using adwords or want to be using adwords and I cover one of the biggest problems most people face when setting up their ads. Luckily, this problem is extremely simple to catch, but most people make this mistake. As more practices start doing ads on paid traffic platforms they’ll be running into some of the problems that I cover and I give simple things to stop doing to help your ads run better as well.

Make your marketing as simple as possible, and if the more tactics that allow you to take away instead of adding to, the easier it will be to implement for you and your veterinary hospital.



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