VMP 101: How To Master Native Conversions And Increase Your Social Media ROI Like Crazy

Want your social media marketing to be more effective? This episode is for you and it is on a topic that is near and dear to my heart. Social media is amazing today because it gives you the same tools that Billion dollar corporations have at their disposal. So how do you use social media to reach and convert more of your audience or content consumers into actual clients, that is what we talk about in today’s episode.

Native advertising or native content refers to advertising or content that is specifically built for a social media platform or a content platform. Whether you’re using Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter or any other platform that comes along, each places has its own vibe and way people engage with content. Observing and understanding how people use the platforms differently is what helps you to create effective native content and advertising. To understand how to use social platforms you have to be a user and a tester constantly and observe how friends and family use the platforms as well.

Once you’ve understood how platforms work and function differently, you need to identify your target market to create the right market/message match. Different tech skills and demographics make the way people engage with content very different, so keep this in mind. Adding the who and where you create the content allows you to figure out what you create and I cover real life examples of the kind of native content you can create that would bring clients to your practice.

Now in the past, traditional marketing would say capture attention and drive traffic to a landing page, but with the tools available you don’t have to necessarily do that. That is where native conversion comes into play. Use the tools available to create calls to action that happen within the social media platforms. This takes more work but your conversion should go through the roof!

Let me know what you think and if you need any help!


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