VMP 102: An Interview With Dr. Jessica Vogelsang On Content Creation, Marketing And More!

This week, I’m extremely excited to have Dr. Jessica Vogelsang as a guest on the podcast. I am a huge fan of Dr. Jessica Vogelsang’s content. Not only does she create great content, but she does it consistently. Today we talk about how she got started creating content, how she started on social media and what she has learned along the way.

Dr. Jessica Vogelsang is an author, mother, practicing veterinarian, and medical communicator. After graduating with honors from the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. V started her award winning website pawcurious.com in 2009 while continuing to work in small animal practice. Currently, she is the Editorial Manager for DrAndyRoark.com, and is also the author of really successful book All Dogs Go To Kevin.

In today’s episode we go over how Jessica got started with digital marketing and what she has learned since she got started. Originally when she started the web was very different and she was using Typepad to create content. Since then, the tools have come a long way to make it far easier to create and distribute content.

Dr. Vogelsang shares her insight in what she thinks veterinary professionals should be doing in content creation, distribution as well as some of her thoughts on new platforms. One of the best pieces of advice I think she gives is finding what you’re good at and investing into that. So many people say “Be Everywhere” but sometimes that can be a recipe for disaster.

Be sure to listen to the entire episode because there is so much good info. I even talk to her about instant articles on Facebook. The Dr Andy Roark facebook page is the only publisher I know personally who is using instant articles. I’ve tried setting it up(I think you need a computer science degree) and I’ve been really really curious to talk about how it has worked for them.


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