VMP 103: The Conversion Checklist To Increase Conversion At Your Veterinary Practice

Conversion can be especially tricky for veterinary practices. When you have a practice website and mesh it together with all the social media, it can be difficult to turn that attention and traffic into actual clients. In this episode I cover some best practices that will help you to increase conversion. Anytime that you can increase your veterinary practice’s conversion any marketing you do will have a better return on investment.

Your website is pretty much a multi-tool, kinda like a swiss army knife. It needs to do lots of different things based on what the person using the site is looking to do. Increasing conversion often times simply means making the website or marketing you are doing more user friendly and easier to navigate. Any time that you can make it easier for clients to find information quickly, or reduce the number of steps that a client needs to take you’ll be able to see an increase in those actions.

An important item to consider when you’re looking at your website, or any marketing piece for that matter, should be to think what the purpose or goal you’re trying to achieve. Simplifying your pages and marketing pieces so that are trying to achieve just one objective. When you go to the dentist, you’re just looking for the dentist to do dental work, if they mentioned you can get an oil change at the same time, you would probably be alarmed. Web pages are the same way and so are marketing campaigns.

If you’re sending traffic that is trying to convert visitors into clients, sending them to your home page doesn’t cut it. Once a person gets to your home page, they have to evaluate your services, your reviews and then figure out how to book an appointment if they have the time to go through the whole process of figuring out if they want to do business with you. A better way is sending a specific targeted flow of traffic to a specific offer that is easy to understand and evaluate and then gives a specific way for your client to opt in.

The good and bad part of conversion is that you’re never finished! Testing has to continue on and there is always room for improvement. Let me know if you test any of the tips that I cover and how they work for you!


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