VMP 104: Specialty Veterinary Marketing With Dr. Sue The Cancer Vet

This week’s episode is a special one for two reasons, first we have Dr. Sue The Cancer Vet on the podcast. Dr. Sue Ettinger is a veterinary cancer specialist, speaker, author & radio co-host focused on early detection & helping pets live longer & live well. You can see her on Facebook and on www.DrSueCancerVet.com and we talk about tons of great marketing tips for both veterinary practices as well as for veterinary professionals looking to build their own personal brand. This episode also marks the 2nd anniversary for the podcast!

I’ve seen Dr. Sue’s marketing and I’ve been wanting to have her on the podcast for a while. In marketing there are 3 groups of people you can target for your potential audience. The first group is those who need something and are actively searching out the solution, this is by far the easiest group to market to. The second group are those who know they need a product or service but aren’t actively looking (think people who know their pets need updated vaccines but don’t have it on their mind to do it) and then there are people who have no idea that there is a product or service or anything they need done. I think most people in the world don’t know that pets can have cancer treatment done, so Dr. Sue has a large task at getting out and educating pet owners.

In this podcast we cover everything from how and why she got started to what she has learned along the way. She’s been able to build a great community of pet owners and veterinary professionals on her Facebook page, which has almost 30,000 likes. The content and stores she posts are both happy and sad, and one thing I go over with her is how she handles the sad posts, which can be incredibly tough to get out there. I know many times veterinary hospitals don’t want to post difficult topics, so we cover how she handles sensitive posts. We also get to cover the topic of hashtags, which Dr. Sue uses in her marketing message.

I really enjoyed this interview and I know there are many great insights for anyone who does marketing in their practice.

Thank you to everyone who listens to the podcast, and thank you for a great 2 years. Please let me know if I can do anything to help!


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