VMP 105: How To Use Opportunity Marketing In Your Veterinary Practice

Today’s episode is all about marketing opportunities that arise on a daily basis. The idea in today’s episode is that there is always something great going on around you to create awesome, relevant, entertaining and engaging content and offers.

What brought on this episode is a lot of practice have been doing a great job at using Pokemon Go as something to drive engagement on Facebook and other social media. There are tons of times you can use Opportunity marketing to gain new clients and grow your veterinary practice’s brand.

A key consideration before you begin is to stay up to date with what is going on in the world. World events, new technology, news stories are all great examples of opportunities to create marketing campaigns that are relevant. You need to keep in front of your clients as much as possible and by using opportunity you’re being relevant and timely so that you don’t seem annoying. If you had someone knocking on your door every day asking if you wanted to buy something you’ld probably grow annoyed of them, and in the same way you can promote your veterinary hospital’s brand without having to directly be in their face.

Sometimes opportunity marketing can go wrong too though. If it is too much of a stretch then it could go very wrong. I saw a real estate company who was using Pokemon Go as a reason why someone should buy a house. The comments were terrible because they were just trying to hop on the bandwagon and use the momentum from the app’s popularity. Often times there is so much noise out there, especially with trending items that simply adding to the noise doesn’t help at all. Make sure that you have the right intent, to server and provide value to clients and you won’t have to worry about being perceived as salesy.

I cover many examples of what you can do to create opportunity marketing and what stages of the client funnel you should use each example for.

As always, be sure to let me know if you have any questions or comments!


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