VMP 106: The $100 Per Week Veterinary Marketing Plan

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How much are you spending on your veterinary practice’s advertising a week? I know a lot of practices whose digital marketing budget and spend is $0 right now! In today’s episode I cover the specific plan that I would implement if someone asked me how I would spend $100 to market their practice. This episode has all the nitty gritty that you would definitely want to know about.

One of the major distinctions I think you need to make in your marketing that you might not be aware of is setting your advertising into 3 specific categories. You have awareness, lead generation and then actual sales. Going in straight for the sale on cold traffic(people who haven’t heard of you before) is usually a recipe for disaster unless you’re giving away a huge value. Often times, that is the reason why people say “social media doesn’t work.” You’re trying to close on the first exposure and you have no context or connection with your potential clients.

It might surprise you to know that I advocate the a good portion of your marketing budget simply for distribution on the awareness. On awareness type marketing I cover some specific ideas and examples that I would use. When you’re doing awareness marketing it is important to be creating or distributing content that furthers your objective(connecting with pet owners in your area) that will get easy reach. This should definitely be relevant to your  audience but not heavy educational material. You’re trying to cast a net that is as wide as possible here.

The next level of marketing is for lead generation and list building. Building your email list and taking the relationship with your social followers to the next step is so important to growth in your veterinary practice. In order to do this I cover ways you can retarget those who engage with your content that you spent time and energy identifying with your awareness marketing.

Finally, once you have some context built up, and relationships established, it is much easier to turn those people into customers who walk through your practice’s doors. I talk about ways to turn followers into clients. I also cover how to create a minimum viable product. Web sales can get complicated with creating shopping carts, setting up payment processors and on and on. Getting someone to take action, and get in to your practice doesn’t have to be so complicated, but you need to have a process set up before you start running your ads.

Social media is the best way to create segmented lists of attention and turn that segmented attention into action. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you get more clients!


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