VMP 108: SEO For Your Veterinary Practice With Adam Greenbaum & WhiskerCloud

veterinary website design

SEO is one of those terms that is thrown around all the time, but most people do’t actually know what it is or what goes into it. In today’s episode we have Adam Greenbaum as a guest, the Founder and Owner of WhiskerCloud.com a custom website developer, among other digital marketing services, that builds beautiful sites for veterinary practices. Talking to someone who builds sites might seem like a weird idea if you’re trying to find out about SEO, but it is actually the exact person you would want to speak with if you are trying to get organic search engine traffic.

In today’s episode we cover a 500 website case study that Adam and his team completed. They dove in head first and went through 500 veterinary practices’ websites to see what the state of the average practice’s website was. The results that they discovered showed that most practices are way way behind where they should be. Not only do we talk about the most common problems that practices websites have when it comes to SEO we also dive into what SEO actually is.

Right now most people have misconceptions of what SEO is, and here is the thing, search engines are getting more and more sophisticated. The search engines know when someone is trying to game the system and un-naturally affect the rankings, so setting up your site the right way the first time is one of the best ways to create good rankings for your site. Not only that, the content strategies that help to build your long tail keyword results aren’t the ones that will help to provide you with the large traffic volumes you would get from getting the keywords that are shorter and more commonly searched.

Be sure to check out WhiskerCloud.com and if you reach out to Adam, tell him you heard about him through the podcast.


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