VMP 109: How Dr. Rachel Kuhn-Siegel Is Using Adwords To Grow Her Veterinary Practice

Today’s interview is a great one! Whether you own a practice or run the marketing for your veterinary hospital there is a lot of very practical info for you. This week we are luck enough to have DVM and Practice owner Dr. Rachel Kuhn-Siegel on to talk about her experience with Google Adwords.

Here is a little background on our guest, Dr. Rachael is the owner and practicing veterinarian at Prairie Animal Hospital. She graduated with her bachelors in Science from Iowa State University, and earned a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine at Iowa State University’s Veterinary College in 2005.

After graduation Dr. Rachael practiced veterinary medicine throughout the United States as a Navy wife. In 2011, Dr. Rachael and her family returned home to just outside Peoria, IL to be closer to family.

I was able to connect with Rachel through Danielle Lambert’s Snout School Social Media group(which you should totally join if you haven’t already!). Rachel had been using Google Adwords for her practice and as often happens, Google changed things up. The change came when Adwords stopped serving ads in the right hand column in May of 2016. If you were running ads at all,  you likely saw a big drop in traffic unless you were always bidding for the number 1 position.

We discuss what Rachel was able to do to turn her campaigns around and start driving traffic in to her practice. One of the best things about this interview I think is that Rachel is a practice owner of a relatively new practice, that is surrounded by tons of competition, so the advice that she shares with us is really valuable. We also cover what her bidding strategy was, how she came up with the specific keyword targets she did and how she managed to track her ROI when it came to her campaigns.

This interview is really great and filled with tons of useful, actionable info, so I hope you enjoy! Be sure to say thanks to Rachel for sharing her insights!


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