VMP 113: Is Your Veterinary Practice’s Website Costing You Clients? Adam Greenbaum Tells Us What Kills Sites

In today’s episode we have a guest, Adam Greenbaum from Whiskercloud.com. He was on just recently on episode 108, but since that episode he’s been hard at work compiling tons of data, and the results he found were staggering. One thing that Adam has the ability to do is to take all of the data that comes in and look at large sample sizes to make some pretty reliable conclusions. One thing that surprised him was that over 70% of the traffic to clients’ site was mobile! The crazy thing about this is that a vast majority of veterinary practice websites aren’t optimized for mobile traffic. This finding means 2 things for you, either you have a huge opportunity or you are going to be left behind in the dust.

We take a deep dive into what Adam’s case study told him and he gives some really great examples of things you should be focusing on based on this data. We also go over when you need to consider getting a new website for your veterinary practice. So many times, I get people asking me where should I start? I think if you have a solid website in place, that is one thing that can really help to create consistent and scalable growth for your veterinary practice.

For anyone reading, having a non mobile responsive website is one factor that I think makes it necessary  for getting a new practice website. If you text Veterinary to 44222 I’ll send you the mobile responsive test from Google where you can see if your site passes. We also discuss bounce rates, traffic sources and how people interact with your site.

As I mention in this episode, you can get a live demo to see how Whisker Cloud works by going to http://www.whiskercloud.com/Brandon . This is an affiliate link by the way, so if you use this link, thank you for supporting the podcast.

As always if you have any questions, comments or need help with anything, please don’t hesitate to email brandon@veterinarymarketingpodcast.com


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