VMP 114: What Aspects Of Marketing Should You Focus On First?

Where do I start? That is the biggest most complicated question I get from people who listen to my podcast, and the answer is…it depends. Sorry there is not a blanket answer because everyone is in a different spot when it comes to their practice’s marketing. In this week’s episode though, I try to give you a framework to work through what you should focus on.

I think there are a few main areas that you need to work on:

  • Retention Systems
  • Your Core Offers and Message
  • Your Content
  • Building Awareness For your Practice

For rentention systems, these are pieces of content, assets and things that you actually own. For example you email collection systems, your email marketing platform and lists that you have built up are something that you own. People who have never heard of you can’t give you their phone number or email address, so this is a group of people who are aware of you and are either considering coming into your practice or have come into your practice. For help with retention systems be sure to check out these other posts:

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Your core offers and message are what you will be hoping to achieve through your marketing efforts. If you are on social media but you never actually ask people to come into your practice then what is the point? Pet owners need your services, so make it easy on them to come and get them. Being on social media but not developing and pushing out relevant and valuable offers is like being stuck in the “friendzone in a relationship”. You can’t only be the person who is posting engaging, entertaining and useful content, take it to the next level and give them a reason to come in to the practice.

Your content is the next piece of the puzzle that is built around what you’ll be offering. Let’s say you’re a small animal practice, as much as dental health of elephants might be interesting, it isn’t really relevant, so don’t create content around that. Be relevant to the offers that you have so that you can use your content to segment your clients and potential clients and serve them better.

Lastly you should be building awareness. Add some fun in there and ALWAYS be building your audience. Figure out where you want to reach your clients and grow your influence. Find out what works well and do more of it. When you can connect better with your clients and potential clients, when you have offers and events to promote they will be more successful.

As always if you need help with anything marketing related send me an email to: Brandon@veterinarymarketingpodcast.com or hit me up on facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/veterinarymarketingpodcast


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