VMP 116: How To Use Chatbots To Grow Your Practice On Facebook

I think I’ve found my new favorite tool! This week’s episode I dive into how to use Chatbots to engage your Facebook audience like never before. I don’t like to sound hypey, but I think this is one of the best things to come to Facebook so far. If you haven’t noticed, Facebook has been doing a ton of work in regards to its messenger product. They’ve updated their daily stories that expire in 24 hours very similar to Snapchat and Instagram stories. They have also introduced masks and geofilters through their messenger.

In today’s marketing climate, whenever you can be first to a new feature you are typically able to reach users very effectively and for a very low cost. That is why I think that this messenger bot feature is an amazing opportunity for veterinary practices. Your clients are spending time on Facebook, and right now their messenger is only used for personal use. Think about it, how do you use messenger? Probably sending funny, informational or valuable stuff to your friends right? This is why I’m seeing it as so effective, if you can get the permission to get into your clients messenger.

So how does Facebook Messenger Bots fit into this?

There is a new tool that I’ve been testing out called Manychat.com. What Manychat.com does is gives you tools to build a messenger subscriber list and engage them either automatically or manually. Think about it like have a sophisticated email marketing system that allows you to deliver automated sequences, broadcasts or rule based messages to your clients. Oh and it is FREE! Free for the basic features, and for the premium features the price starts at 10/month!

In today’s episode I dive into how to build subscribers, how to use the automation tools and what some possible uses for Facebook Messenger are.

Here is a quick overview:

You can build subscriber lists through website widgets, comments on posts, messages through Facebook and Messenger Ads!

There are logic based bots you can easily build using keywords, for example, if someone says “hours” or “open” in a message to your practice you can have an auto response set up to send when you are open. Responses can have anything from links, to files to even a button that calls a phone number directly.

You can tag and created highly segmented lists based on how people interact with your messenger. You can also add tags manually. Creating segmented lists gives you the ability to deliver very relevant offers to your clients, which will drive more clients in.

Right now the cost to add subscribers is incredibly low and my open rates are sky high!

So be sure to listen all the way through and please let me know if you have any questions!


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