VMP 117: How To Build A Personal Brand With Dr. Belinda

This week I’m very excited to have Dr. Belinda Parsons on the podcast. Dr. Belinda is in the running to become the next Bondi vet, which is a really big deal!

In today’s episode we talk about how Dr. Belinda uses social media to grow her personal brand. I think there are so many things we can learn from her use social media to tell her story, grow her practice and help both pet owners and veterinary professionals.

Dr. Belinda is very good at snapchat, and we talk about her use of snapchat with respect to her personal branding, you should follow her at drbelindathevet on snapchat to see how she documents procedures and life at her practice. Her before and after snaps of dental procedures is something that I think every practice needs to use to show the huge impact dental work can have on a pets wellness.

We also talk about her strategy for her personal brand vs her practice’s brand, which is a very important distinction to make. A lot of her personal brand posts are pretty graphic, but there is overlap between her audiences, so we talk about knowing your audience and making sure that content is appropriate based on who you’re talking to.

We also dive into Facebook as well as Instagram in this episode, but I think that everyone can learn from Dr. Belinda, whether you are managing a practice’s content and storytelling strategy or if you are trying to build a personal brand.

Please go vote for Dr. Belinda. You can do so here: Click Here or text BONDIVET to 44222 and get the Link to your mobile phone.


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