VMP 118: Biggest Marketing Pieces Of Advice From Uncharted

In may I had the opportunity to go speak at Dr. Andy Roark’s conference called Uncharted in Greenville South Carolina on April 7-9. This conference was amazing and it was also my first experience in speaking. Not only did I have a great time meeting a bunch of people who have been listeners to the podcast I finally got to meet many of the people who I’ve had on as guests.

I haven’t been to too many conferences or in person events, but Uncharted really seems like it is something special. The community that Dr. Roark and his team have created around the event was amazing, and he has also created online trainings and resources to help attendees continue to grow and implement new ideas into their practices.

Since I had all of these amazing marketing minds here at the event, I figured it would be a great time to interview everyone and get their best take-aways or pieces of advice they had given at the conference. In today’s episode, I have Dr. Andy Roark, Danielle Lambert, Dr Cody Creelman and Dr Caitlin DeWilde go over what they thought was worth sharing on the podcast.

The schedule was jam packed full of great events, speakers and break out sessions so unfortunately I wasn’t able to get Dr. Jessica Vogelsang, Maurice Allin, Summer Holmstrand-Irtimer or Heather Prendergast for an interview, but I did hear them speak and they were sharing some really great info.

In today’s episode though, I’m able to get some good insights into marketing and how to market your veterinary practice better and I dive into the points that each one makes. The biggest take away I think that I got from the practice is that the most important element for your success in marketing your practice is that you take action.

Since the attendees of the conference are set up as a community I’ve been able to see so many of the attendees progress especially related to their practice’s content and story telling. It is amazing to see the difference adding content creation, or an advertising strategy to their practice makes in helping to connect ¬†with clients and grow their practice.

If you have the time and ability to go to Uncharted next year, I can’t recommend it enough, it will have a huge positive impact.





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