VMP 122: 5 Tips To More Successful Marketing For Your Veterinary Practice in 2018

Happy New Year everyone! 2018 is here, and this is going to be a great year for digital marketing, or at least it can be! Today we’re going to cover 5 tips that will help you to make this your veterinary practice’s best year yet!

Since starting the podcast, it is amazing to see all of the changes and trends that have come out especially as it relates to paid ads, social media and content. (When is the last time you even saw a post from Upworthy?)

Here are the 5 tips that I cover more in depth in this week’s episode:

  • Create Content
  • Pixel
  • Take Note Of Platform Rules
  • Grow Your Owned media
  • Pay for distribution

I think that this year, more than ever content is going to really be a make or break for small business on social media, for SEO and as a way to communicate with clients. You’ve probably heard people beating this into your head, but it is really getting to the point where you have no choice. Create or fall behind. I cover a few example of content vs no content and why this is imperative!

So why are pixels important? Well, pixels can dramatically decrease the cost per action of your paid campaigns, help you segment and give you the correct audiences to market to. The election really threw a wrench into Facebook’s ad platform and I’m afraid the gravy train might be broken down when it comes to the changes that are being announced.

The changes that I see coming down are going to make it far more difficult to gauge what audiences you should be reaching. Those who know the rules will be at a far greater advantage, so be sure to stay up to date on changes, get info from places like this podcast! They will continue to make changes, and if you aren’t careful it could really affect your business, which is why I think owned media is so important.

Lists you get to own help protect you against platform changes, reduction in organic distribution and any kind of weird problems that could come up. Ad platforms also will always have retargeting built in, so your list is valuable! Build it now, but why now you ask?

Ad rates are still at low prices. With millions of new advertisers being added every year to Facebook, Instagram and others it is only getting more crowded. With crowds come increases in prices. Get in on the land grab that’s going on so you can be set up for when or if the economy turns.

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