VMP 130: Should You Start A Podcast To Market Your Veterinary Practice?

Have you ever thought about starting a podcast? I’ve spoken to a lot of veterinarians who have said they’ve been thinking about starting one for a while, so I figured I’d help them out. 

This episode is the first in a series on how to create a podcast for your veterinary practice. In this episode, we cover the general items you should consider before starting a podcast. 

First, why should you even care about podcasting? I think that it has a bunch of advantages as a content type(obviously). First, I like podcasting because there is a HUGE number of users who consistently search out and engage with content. It is a medium that gives more context to the audience because they hear your voice. You’re a voice that is showing up consistently and as a result, the audience bonds well with you. Some of the biggest benefits of podcasting are: 

You gain credibility and clients will be better educated
You can create content around offers and use the podcast episodes to segment your audience
If you like speaking more than writing of being on video it helps
Your content can be short or long form and it doesn’t have to have tons of production
It is a different medium and if you have a list of subscribers it helps to diversify your audience and traffic
I think podcasting really comes down to 4 steps. First, you need your show idea, and how you’re going to run your episodes. I really suggest that if you’re going to start that you commit to 10 episodes. Once you’ve figured out what you’re going to do you have to create the content (this is going to be next episode) and then publish the content and distribute it. 

Podcasting is still one medium that has room for significant growth, so we’re still “early” in my opinion. That combined with the importance of voice search and content in the future, I really think there is tons of upside.


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