VMP 141: New Updates To Facebook & Instagram To Help You Grow Your Veterinary Practice

If you listened to episode 140, you might have gotten the feeling that I was a bit down on Facebook or Instagram.

While I do think that it is BEYOND important to diversify your traffic streams and have different methods of generating clients online, Facebook and Instagram have been doing amazing work to update their products.

It is no accident that Facebook and Instagram continue to be a powerhouse of ad revenue generation. They are still the best when it comes to targeting in my opinion, and the new ad types that they are releasing are AMAZING.

In today’s episode, we cover what happened to some of the targeting options, specifically the targeting that was provided by 3rd party data sources, due to the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Along with targeting changes that have come out, we also cover some new formatting changes that work well in our favor to cover more real estate in the news feed.

One of the most exciting things we dive into are Facebook’s new instant experience. These are really dynamic, native content types that used to be called canvas. Facebook Canvas were ad/content types that looked cool but kind of fell flat, until they were updated and now called instant experiences.

Load times are extremely, insanely important and these instant experiences are named this for a reason, they load really quickly. They also look really nice too. You can think of instant experiences like native landing pages. You can sell products directly here if you have catalogs uploaded, collected data with lead forms and also capture retargeting audiences of people who engage with these instant experience.

The last thing we cover in today’s episode is that it is time to upgrade to business manager. If you have been holding off, like many of the practices I work with have, then it is time to get moved over. If you want to use custom audiences from uploadlistss, you can no longer do this without agreeing to terms of service only available in Business manager.

Here’s how to change over to business manager:¬†https://www.facebook.com/business/help/1612355968988019


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